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GlossaPREP Schemes

1. One-to-One PREP:

This is a tailor made course designed to suit the need of a learner. The learner will be provided with a teacher/instructor to facilitate the desired sessions. The learners who have their own pace of learning or those who want to prepare tests in solitary settings can join this course. The candidate can attend the real class at glossaPREP or be the part of its virtual class from his/her own location.

Course Scheme

Course Title Course Mode Number of Student Durations Fees Remarks
One-to-One PREP Real class 1 20 Hrs NPRS. 12,000
One-to-One PREP Virtual Class 1 20 Hrs NPRS. 7,500 10Hrs real sessions
10Hrs online guidance

2. Crass Test PREP:

This is an intensive pep course designed to meet the need of the learners who want to prepare the desired tests in a limited period of time. The prep sessions will be conducted in the real classroom setting under the regular guidance and monitoring of a highly experienced instructor. The candidate will be provided with all the proven techniques and strategies to take the standardized tests during the proposed session of a carefully abridged version of the six-week long general course.

Students who have good academic track records or those who can grasp the idea quickly are only advised to attend this session.
Course Scheme:

Course Title Course Mode Number of Student Durations Fees Remarks
Crash Test PREP Real class 1 10 Hrs NPRS. 10,000 15% discount applicable if two candidates join the course togethers
Crash Test PREP Virtual Class Not Applicable __ __ __

3. Weekend PREP:

The course is proposed considering the needs of the aspiring candidates who attend the regular jobs during week days. The sessions are conducted only on weekends so as the candidates can prepare with the desired test without hampering their professional career. The weekend sessions will be highly interactive in nature and the instructor will provide relevant assignments after every session so that the candidate can practice on his/her own throughout the week. The candidate can also consult their instructor over phone; write texts messages or email to clear out any doubt while preparing the test.
Course Schemes:

Course Title Course Mode Number of Student Durations Fees Remarks
Weekend PREP Real class Group Session 6 weeks
NPRS. 10,000 15% discount applicable for group admission
Weekend PREP Virtual Class __ __ __ __

4. Test PREP for College Students

glossaPREP conducts test prep sessions on TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT and other specialized courses like Academic Writing, Academic Reading, Report Writing, Business Writing upon request of the interested colleges to provide intensive prep classes in their own location. The sessions will be designed and disseminated as per the need and the requirements of the colleges. The terms and condition of the course will be decided upon mutual understanding between the concerned colleges and glossaPREP. Our past experience has shown that the proposed course will be very useful and cost effective for both the colleges and the prospective students who are very conscious about time and expect quality prep guidance at their door steps.

5. Special Events:

glossaPREP offers free and paid presentation/ seminar / symposium on regular intervals to disseminate the authentic information about different standardized tests. The event would be really useful for those candidates who have heard of the different tests but quite unsure about their uses and prep process. Interested candidates, educators, schools and colleges can request glossaPREP for any event mentioned below:

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