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     Reasons to join us:

Why Test Preparation at glossaPREP?

1. Guidance by Experts:

Our academic team consists of experts with a decade long teaching experience in the field of test preparation. Educated from national and international universities, our teachers are up to date on ongoing trends and techniques of language teaching and test preparation. They are highly research oriented and work together to ensure that all of our students secure expected scores.

2. An Excellent Academic Centre:

glossaPREP was established as a pioneering preparatory school in town to meet the need of aspiring students for higher degree. It is an innovative mission of a group of young but pioneering teachers/educators who have decade long experiences in the same field. Our objective is to upgrade its quality as a world class preparatory school by incorporating modern trends, techniques and technologies.

3. Systematic Approach:

To systematize the whole academic procedure, glossaPREP has developed a full-fledged academic department. The Department is headed by the Director of Studies. With three separate departments, it consists of an academic team of faculty heads, teachers and administrative staffs. We have got digital set up in the classrooms for specific courses.

4. Proven Techniques:

Under the guidance of our faculties, some of the test takers have already set up the unprecedented records globally in the field of standardized tests. We are working hard to produce the similar results even for other thousands of students who aspire for the same in different testing events in Nepal.

5. Varieties of Courses / Schemes:

We offer numbers of test preparation courses required for business school admissions. glossaPREP is known for preparation courses like: GMAT, SOMAT, KUMAT, CMAT and KUUMAT. We also offer courses on TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and GRE as per the test takers requirements. (see our course schemes)

6. Provision of Course Counseling:

We have got provision of course counseling for the prospective test takers. The purpose of this session is to make them familiar with the purpose, nature of the course and the test schedules so that they will be able to proceed with the course properly. Unlike other places, there is a special provision of teacher's counseling if any student wants to meet the teacher to know more about the courses and the teaching methodology in the department. Students will be encouraged to get authentic information about the preparation courses and class schedules.

7. Authentic Study Materials:

Our library is equipped with array of books, audio- visual resources, CD rooms and journals written and developed in the field of language teaching and test preparation. Students can have easy access to them once they are admitted. In addition to that, teachers will give sufficient and authentic hand outs during the course.

8. Regular Mock Sessions:

The real test preparation is not only knowing about the tips and techniques of the test but also using them in the real setting. To materialize this concept, the Academic Department conducts tests every Sunday for students.

9. Provision of Individual Attention:

Teachers at glossaPREP are always ready to help the needy students during their leisure hours. Because of this effort, many of our students who supposed themselves as poor learners got good scores in their respective tests.

10. Online PREP:

We offer some courses through our virtual classes. To start with, online classes will be available only for those learners who aspire to prepare with standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE and GMAT. The process is very handy; one can actually sit in the comfort of his/her home and pursue the course at whichever time convenient to him/her. The importance of it can well be understood, it gives the learner the freedom to carry on with his/her vocation while pursuing the course of his/her choice.

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